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Put a Spring in your step!

January 31st, 2016

Spring in Dublin

The River Liffey on a Dublin Spring morning

In Ireland the first day of February signifies the first day of Spring and is traditionally known as St. Brigid’s Day. Brigid the Celtic Deity was a goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft.

Year after year I’ve noticed my clients seem to find it easier to set clear-cut, well defined goals in Spring than in the immediate aftermath of the New Year. With a bit of distance from the end of year festivities, the mind and body are less busy and have rested some. The fresh, newness of a Spring morning focuses the mind and the scene is set for a little “Spring-cleaning”.

For me Spring is a second chance to start the new year and a great time to check in with my goals. A time to clear out the habits or activities that are no longer working for me using a “Brigid’s checklist”.

  • Healing (Well-being):
    • Am I holding on to thoughts, beliefs or feelings from past experiences that are no longer helpful, or are getting in the way of me living my “Best Life”?
    • What truthful, empowering thoughts, beliefs or feelings can I replace those unhelpful thoughts with?
    • Am I telling myself “lies” about they way life, people, circumstances, “should be” instead of accepting “what is“?
    • How will I be honest, put good boundaries, supports and healthy habits in place to build my resilience?
  • Poetry (Life):
    • How well am I staying “in the now“? Am I being mindful and appreciating the poetry, beauty, and myriad of experiences life brings?
    • What can I do to be more present for myself, family and friends?
  • Smithcraft (Career):
    • Am I being true to my values at work? Am I making a difference?
    • How will I stretch out of my comfort zone in the year ahead, learn new skills and make the world a better place?

Time for a walk in the park with my notebook to put a spring in my step! It’s never too late to start again.

All the best from Park West,

Grace 🙂

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