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The Power Of Vulnerability

July 18th, 2016

Power and vulnerability aren’t two words that you would normally find put together, but through her research Brené Brown has demonstrated that the most content and “wholehearted” of people achieve this life state through allowing themselves to be vulnerable.  When we shut ourselves off to negative emotions and feelings, we can also shut out the positive and joyful emotions of life.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to say how we feel, to put ourselves out there (warts and all)… we open ourselves up to the possibilities of a more joyful, courageous and connected life.

Courage brings connectedness

Courage brings connection and fulfilment

How many people or organisations do you know to be so courageous? How many people let you know what is going on behind the mask they wear in public?  How connected (and vulnerable) do you feel when someone is brave enough to let you know that there are cracks below the surface, or when you open up to someone yourself?

As a coach I work to move my clients forward to a deeper understanding of self and to take actions towards authentic and positive fulfilment in life.  The 2010 TEDTalk Brené Brown gave in Houston really embraces that agenda. Click on the link below for an insight into Brené’s honest, entertaining and “wholehearted” research.

Brené Brown TEDTalk Houston 2010

Here’s to being courageously imperfect this week!

All the best from Park West,




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