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November 5th, 2010

Last weekend was a busy one, and things got off to a flying start on Friday evening when my cousin Stephen visited from Rotterdam. In less than 18 hours we had we had dodged the kids train in Liffey Valley, gone book shopping, food shopping, chasing ghosts of the past, enjoyed a lovely Indian meal, and I had learned about the Euro music of the Dolly Dots and Paul De Leeuw to name but a few. Stephen even had me listening to tunes in Sanskrit and Middle English! Great new experiences, and of course, great opportunity to have a good oul’ natter about our eachother’s take on life, love, learning, adventure, Euro dance moves and the Universe.

As I dropped Stephen off at the melting pot of society that is the Red Line Luas stop at lunchtime last Saturday, he promised he would send on his Top 10 learnings to share with Mareus people, and true to his word, here they are…



Hi Grace,

I expanded on stuff:

Step 1 to success: Believe in yourself, sounds corny but if you don’t who else is expected to?

Step 2 to success: Love what you do, if it is not done with love it is doomed, ever trying cooking in a bad mood hee hee!

Step 3 to succees: Learn from mistakes and failures and move on, something us Irish people have to learn.

Step 4 to success: Always trust your inner instincts, when that voice in your head tells you something act on it!

Step 5 to success: Never rush anything, in Dutch “Hastige spoed is nooit goed”, haste and speed are never good.

Step 6 to success: Always imagine that your current task is worth a million dollars, how would you handle something worth a million dollars?

Step 7 to success: Less is more! Learn that quality is better than quantity and trying to do too much all at once is not always a good idea.

Step 8 to success: Communication, communication, communication! Learn to be honest with those around you, and never underestimate the power of good communication!

Step 9 to success: Learn to switch off! Obsessing is not healthy for you or those around you, always let your batteries recharge.

Step 10 to success: When in an emergency situation, even if it sounds counter intuitive, always take time before acting, do you always act before thinking? Does the emergency exit say “pull” and you have been pushing all this time?


Thanks Stephen for a great visit, frank conversation, and for allowing me to share your learnings with Mareus people.

As ever, all comments and thoughts are welcome!

All the best from Park West!


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